Nice & Deep podcasts

Hello there friends!

Nice & Deep podcasts are back after a period of silence and with all the ups and downs we decided to bring them back to life despite them not having a large crowd but one listener is enough right? So here is the tracklist of the coming podcast which will be up on our podmatic page!

We tend to give out tracklist first so one knows what to expect!

Nice & Deep 86 sessions #14 by Soul Fortune

01. Jack J – Take It To The Edge
02. Atjazz – Fox Tooth
03. Marsupials & Marcus Raute- Together
04. Soul Fortune Ft A Billi Free-Walk This Wave (Miklos Vajda remix)
05. Shur-I-Kan-Feel Free feat. Christina Coronel (Original Mix)
06. Low District feat. Alybe-My Home (Main Vocal)
07. David Xag feat. Janice-Sweet Sorrow (Suges remix)
08. Hallex M DJ Fudge Omar-Ding Ding (Gu’s 90’s Nostalgia Dance Mix)
09. Eric Ericksson & Reel People feat. Debra Debs-Don’t Hold Back On Love (Vocal Mix)
10. Matan Caspi, Weekend Heroes – Frozen Memories (Francis Preve Remix)
11. The Boss-Orisha (Franco De Mulero & The Soul Creative Ibitaly Remix)
12. Jack & The Giant – A love like Pi (Harley&Muscle Caio’s Deep Remix)

Link to our facebook page is for more music update on our podcasts and releases.


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